An Unforgettable Journey into a World of Tranquility, Renewal, and Wellness:

Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa has been chosen to receive the “2012 Celebration Media U.S. (CMUS) Talk of the Town Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction”! We are so honored to have been chosen for this award, and would like to thank all of our friends and clients for your continued loyalty to Dutch Hollow!

I’ve never had a filler before. I was nervous about my injections but Dr. Sam, Mirka, and the staff made me feel very comfortable. I thought I was going to be in pain during the procedure but I felt nothing. I saw immediate lift in my cheeks and I couldn’t be happier about the results & price! 


J.H. 03/02/16


I had injections in my face performed by Dr. Sam at Dutch Hollow Medical Spa, he advised me on the areas I most needed. Dr. Sam studied my skin and spoke to Mirka, and they both agreed, they work well as a team. I’m 70+ years old and Dr. Sam is a genius, I look and feel 15 years younger.  I highly recommend Dr. Sam for injections he has a lot of knowledge and experience.

M.H 11/7/15


After my Hydrafacial & Venus Freeze — not only does my skin feel & look 10 years younger, my overall health has improved.  Mirka, the owner is a miracle worker and knows all about the skin! I highly recommend Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa & the atmosphere is very clean! ~R.H.~ 10/09/15


I took my dad for a daddy daughter day, as a surprise! We both had a blast! Never underestimate the attention that the guy in your life may be needing but doesn’t know till he experiences is for himself! Thank you everyone and Dutch Hollow!



I had the Hydrafacial and my skin has never felt that soft in my whole life. I’m so amazed!

JG 9/01


I had the mircroderm and a fruit peel for the first time. It was really relaxing, I didn’t expect the results to be so good the first time. My face is shining and glowing and I love the feeling of my skin!

SS 9/01


Mirka made my treatment very relaxing, and she was very honest about the treatments and products!



I was very nervous to come in to do the micro needling. Mirka put numming topical on so it wasn’t painful like

I expected. It was a little  red and and pink, but my skin is tighter and glowing!

D.B 07/25


I love getting my waxing done with Mirka at Dutch Hollow! She makes the process quick and painless. I have a lot of hair, but I am amazed at how well she removes it.

SJ 07/22


Dr. Sam is the best! He does my injections and makes everything so easy! 



Male Client had the PRP with facial nerve block:

With the facial nerve block I didn’t feel anything, this is my third time and the facial nerve block really made a huge difference. I felt very comfortable receiving  the treatment with Dr. Sam because of his experience and the comfortable atmosphere.

M.S 07/23/15

I tried the sweating medicine, and it helped SO much! It really has changed my life. I tell everyone about it, and now i can wear anything i want and not be self conscious. I’m very happy i found the product.


Mirka has a beautiful personality that radiates from her.  She sets the example of what true beauty is.  Mirka sets the example for all women that true beauty lies within.  When you do treatments and look in the mirror you will feel better about yourself like you want to live life again! I feel young and vibrant! this feeling can be captured for you once again also, there is nothing like it and true beauty lies within everyone.

Mary S.


I had the Microderm with the fruit peel. I’m in shock, I love the improvement! My face looks clean and smooth because of Mirka’s wonderful work!

Barb E. 07/07/15


We got the couples massage it was wonderful and relaxing! Mirka made us feel at home! We will be back.

Jamie 06/26/15


The Hydrofacial was very nice and relaxing, I absolutely loved it! I was dissapointed when it was over. Will definitely do it again!

~Danielle W. 06/23/15


I had the Brazilian wax done for the first time, and it was very relaxing. It didn’t hurt like I expected it to. Mirka was very professional, I would definitely recommend it!

~Alisa S. 07/02/15


I tried the Venus Freeze on my face! It was wonderful, it felt like a regular face massage!



I had the Venus Freeze performed on my neck it was very comfortable, relaxing, and not too hot. I saw a immediate difference with my fine lines!



The Venus Freeze experience was way cooler than I thought. I’m very excited about my treatments so I can look young again!



After one treatment on her face, she could tell her make up went on smoother! I LOVE VENUS FREEZE!



The Venus Freeze felt like a mini massage. I would recommend it!



I’ve had four treatments of Venus Freeze for the face and neck, I’ve seen as well as other people noticing a huge difference. After getting these treatments there is so much more definition in my face and neck!



The Venus Freeze felt really good and didn’t hurt. I was able to see a big difference!

~Dotty & Yvonne


I’m seeing absolutely phenomenal results! I will be coming back for more. I look younger, and my complexion was great after one treatment!



When you get the Venus Freeze makes it feel like you’ll loose ten pounds in one treatment! It makes me happy to see my neck jiggle to go away!

~Amelia 06/19/15


Thanks to Venus Freeze I love my new neck!



I tried the Hydrofacial for the first time and it was incredible. Thanks to Mirka’s advice i also bout neocleanse to further my journey with beauty!

~D. A


I received the Venus Freeze on my neck. It felt very good and very affective, I saw the immediate results!



I tried the Venus Freeze on my face! My forehead and cheeks are smoother, and my skin feels so much better.



I love Dutch Hollow. I live in St. Louis and the services I receive and the friendliness of the staff make the drive absolutely
worth it!


The Venus Freeze was very comfortable. I had my stomach treated and it was fine!



I think the Venus Freeze is wonderful! I was questioning it at first so I came to the event to watch, but I have to say I was very impressed! I saw the results. I will definitely be continuing treatments!
After careful consideration I finally decided to get a brazillian wax with Mirka at Dutch Hollow and I am very glad I did!  Pain wise it didn’t bother me.  I have no irritation and it last 4-5 weeks.   I feel much more clean and confident.   It is a very practical treatment.  Much better than trying to upkeep the area with shaving.   Plus Mirka makes you feel  very comfortable.    I am a loyal customer now and would recommend to anyone.    A.L  5/29/15
The Neocutis Lumiere Eye cream is just fabulous.   It made my puffy eyes and dark circles go away!  It certainly made  me want improve my skin regimen.  I have now purchased the Obagi rejuvenation system, and I am already seeing an improvement.  My skin looks healthier and is glowing!  I get compliments all the time.     5/26/15  J. C.
I love Dutch Hollow!  The products that I am using are life changing.   The hydrafacial is absolutely incredible.  I would recommend this spa to anyone!  ~Melissa P.   4/30/15

I came to see Mirka after having a severe reaction all over my face to some medication I was prescribed.   Mirka did a hydrafacial and sent me home with products.   My face immediately felt better and within a couple days it was all cleared up.  I was definitely thankful I went to see her.   Jill H.   6/18/15

I’ve never had anything done and I was overwhelmed with my experience here at Dutch Hollow. I didn’t know what to expect but Mirka made me feel right at home. The Venus Freeze has WOWed me and I would recommend this treatment to anyone. The results after just ONE treatment were remarkable! -C.D. 05/30/15

If you want a wax, go to Mirka Figueroa. I hated shaving and it never lasted as long as I needed it to. She made the time I spent at Dutch Hollow very relaxing and at ease.  -A.L. 5/29/15


The medical treatments at Dutch Hollow are done by Dr. Samuel Figueroa. He is great and so is Mirka, his wife. I came here with lots of questions and worries but after a few minutes talking to the Owner and staff, my questions were answered and my worries were gone. Magic was happening! Highly recommend Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa for facial injections. -D.D. 5/28/15


I love the products Mirka recommended to me. My favorite is the Lumiere Riche. My puffy eyes disappeared and showed improvement after one application. Feel younger and moving forward in life. Since I’ve started coming here I’ve seen a huge improvement with my skin and myself. -J.C. 05/26/15


I love all the products that I have used from Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa. The Hydrafacial has been the best treatment I’ve received in awhile! Other places don’t compare and Mirka’s work is by far phenomenal. -M.P. 04/30/15


April 14th, 2015

My Venus Freeze Treatment was amazing!  After the 1st visit I saw amazing results.  The procedure was pain-free and relaxing with no downtime.  I am looking forward to my next treatment.  Why grow old looking when Venus Freeze is available?  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to defy the effects of gravity and aging.  Dutch Hollow is the only place I trust to provide professional services with loving care.  I have been a client of theirs since their doors were opened.  They are highly qualified in all areas of the services they provide.



I loved my 1 hour massage!! It was so wonderful & I highly recommend it!   ~M.F.
My massage was so amazing! WOW is all I can say.   ~J.H.
Dutch Hollow is the best spa!   The staff is amazing.   I absolutely love the Venus Freeze and notice a difference after each treatment. I am addicted.

Judy Ryan Wedding Package:

The Spa was very accommodating and the Staff was all smiles!
The massages were wonderful, relaxing, and everything that we asked for. Everyone had such a wonderful day and it was what we all needed.
It was an enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone. 4/18/15
Mirka was the best! I couldn’t have had a better facial. Everything I have received here has been perfect and I love all the employees as well!
I highly recommend the Venus Freeze Treatment. Just after my first visit I saw amazing results and knew I’d be coming back for more. Dutch Hollow Medical Spa is the only place I really trust to provide professional services with loving care. I have been a client here since their doors opened. They are highly qualified in all areas of the services they provide.

Mirka made us both feel very comfortable. We went in unsure of what we were about to do and came out feeling 5 years younger. Mirka is very sweet and nice and shows care to all her clients.

Sara  & Kelli

From the fruit infused water to the services; this place is definitely the icing on cake when it comes to wanting to relax and feel better about your skin and day. The atmosphere is fabulous and I couldn’t find anything to complain about.

I came in after having a rough day and the gave me the attention I needed. Mirka also took the time to look at me and tell me exactly what I needed and it meant the world to me.



The Latisse has made a huge difference! It makes it look like i have fake lashes. I LOVE IT!



I never go anywhere else to get my eyebrows waxed! Mirka is an artist.

I received a hydrofacial with Mirka and what a transformation. I loved it! I will be a regular customer for facials. I recommend this for EVERYONE.



I learned a long time ago when Dr. Sam ask what i want done, I ask him what he thinks it best. I have never regretted following his advice. He gives the best advice!



My first experience couldn’t have been any better. I felt very relaxed and pampered. I will definitely be back!



Miriah had just enough pressure. It was very soothing, I received the result I was looking for with no pain!



I  love the Smooth Shapes treatment!! It feels like a really deep massage so soothing you can fall asleep. I work out all the time but, this gives you more visual results.



My experience at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa was great!!  Mirka, the esthetician made my first time there very pleasant.  I will definitely come back and recommend her to my family, friends, and co-workers!  The services are worth every penny!

Elle     7/9/14

I stumbled into Dutch Hollow desperate and helpless because a couple months prior my flawless complexion turned into a severe case of acne. My confidence was shot as I faced days where I didn’t want to leave my house due to the ugly condition of my skin. I had visited two dermatologists that provided me with products that only triggered more acne. Mirka complimented my beauty and promised that she would do whatever it would take to not only improve my skin, but perfect it. I had no doubts that my skin was finally in good hands.


Mirka introduced me to the Dr. Obagi skincare line and gave me IPL treatments and Microdermabrasions. Mirka called me on a regular basis in between visits to check on my skin and would often see me after hours to follow up. Every appointment with Mirka is wonderful, she not only transformed my skin but she became my friend as well. This is a woman that goes above and beyond her job, she truly cares about all her clients and addressing there needs. In a very short time my skin has drastically cleared up. Words cannot express my gratitude toward Mirka, and her husband Sam for his efforts with my skin, and the encouraging and pleasant receptionists.


I am convinced that without Mirka I would still be struggling with my skin. I encourage anybody that feels they have a helpless case of bad skin to visit Dutch Hollow Spa and get ready for amazing results.



Crystal Lowe


Mirka and Sam,

I had several procedures done yesterday; botox around my eyes, botox under my arms, and Radiesse.  When I looked in the mirror this morning I had no bruising or swelling and I couldn’t stop smiling at myself.  I am so satisfied with the results I get from Radiesse.  I look like a younger version of myself…I don’t look like I’ve had anything “done”.  Since I’ve been a client of yours for many years I thought it was about time to give you a testimonial.  The very best thing about your service is simply this, you are not just trying to perform procedures and collect money.  You truly care about your clients and you know what looks good and what looks bad and aren’t hesitant to let me know.  I love your spa and I love what you and Dr. Sam have given me and that is a safe, professional, and FUN place to go get pretty.

Thanks from my heart to yours,

Barbra Davis


“What can I say about Mirka Figueroa and Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa? Quite simply, Mirka is nothing short of a miracle-worker. She has helped to dramatically improve not only my complexion, but also my self-confidence. When I first visited Dutch Hollow, I stopped in for a consultation. I was in my early 30’s and deeply unhappy with the dark splotches on my forehead and cheeks that were the result of too much time spent in the sun with too little sunscreen. At this time, wrinkles and the other effects of aging weren’t much of a concern. Mirka recommended a series of 3 or 4 “VI” chemical peels along with the use of Obagi Clear treatment cream. This was all a little more money than I wanted to spend, but Mirka was so confident that I would see results that I immediately booked the first appointment.


I have to admit, I was skeptical, but after the peeling of the first treatment subsided, I could actually see results! The dark areas were by no means gone, but the pigmentation was noticeably lighter. I continued with three more peels spaced two months apart. By the end of the course of treatment, my dark spots were practically invisible – and there was another benefit that I hadn’t even anticipated, my skin was so much softer and the fine wrinkles that I wasn’t too concerned about (but let’s face it, I had begun to notice) were gone. I was sold! At that point, Mirka recommended that I continue with periodic hydrafacials, a few products, and a peel or two a year for good measure, which I have done religiously.

– anonymous


I am now 41 years old and I can honestly say that I look better than I did at 31! Because I started at a fairly young age with regular treatments, my skin still looks like that of someone in her early 30’s, and I won’t have to resort to more invasive, costly treatments down the road to maintain a healthy, youthful look to my complexion. I receive compliments quite often on my skin – this never happened before starting at Dutch Hollow – and I always give the credit to Mirka. Trust me, I am not one of those women born with naturally glowing, dewy skin. I have to work for it, but it’s worth it!

– anonymous


Most women know that candlelight is by far the most flattering light. It’s dim enough to hide all of those little flaws, yet provides a great diffused glow. When anyone asks me what’s so great about what I’m having done at Dutch Hollow, the best way to describe it is that I now have my own candlelight 24/7; my skin constantly looks as if I’m under candlelight. I have a glow, a softness, and, yes, a beauty that I never had before. Thank you, Mirka!”

–Andrea Dipazo


I have been troubled with adult acne and looking for help. I came to Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa in December 2010 with acne products and treatments. In two and a half months my skin has improved so much. It is wonderful! Thank you Mirka!

Very pleased client,


Theresa Neudecker

“My First Place” taped at Godfrey Spa , Article by Jill Moon in the Alton Telegraph

GODFREY – First-time homebuyer Jessica Stutz of Alton hopes her major purchase will leave her spa budget unscathed.

The producers from the Home and Garden Television network chose Stutz to appear on “My First Place,” a show about the first-time home-buying process that is in its ninth season.

Stutz’s love of pampering will be a highlight of a planned episode of the show, which came to Godfrey to film her getting the royal treatment Friday at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa.

The 27-year-old Stutz, who regularly gets pedicures and massages at Dutch Hollow, told HGTV’s “My First Place” producers her concerns about her spa budget, prompting the show to tape Stutz doing one of her favorite activities – spa pampering.

When someone from Home and Garden Television, or HGTV, called Dutch Hollow, they asked owner, President and CEO Mirka Figueroa, a medical aesthetician, if she could give Stutz a facial to be taped for the show, Figueroa said.

“I’m also upgrading Jessica’s facial for choosing us as the best spa,” said Figueroa, who gave Stutz a microdermabrasion facial with a strawberry and chocolate mask Friday while HGTV’s cameramen taped the service.

Stutz specifically picked Dutch Hollow as her spa destination, and she was invited to bring a friend. She chose Michelle Davenport of Brighton, who received the same treatment from Dutch Hollow’s Stephanie Evans, an aesthetician.

“Jessica has come here before for pedicures and massages and wanted to start getting facials here,” Figueroa said.

Davenport experienced her first facial with the Dutch Hollow service. Davenport was especially excited because the facial became a treat before her birthday Sunday, when she turns 45 years old and her husband, Nick, turns 30.

Two cameramen and a producer taped Stutz walking into Dutch Hollow, after which Figueroa and front desk consultant Deseray Haslam of Jerseyville received her. They repeated the action several times. Then they taped Stutz filling out a Dutch Hollow-required form with information about her skin type and other related issues before they moved into the spa room for the facial.

One of the cameramen said Stutz’s episode would appear on HGTV’s “My First Place” in approximately one year.

HGTV has been searching the St. Louis metro area for some time. Realtor Sherry Gilleland of Dream Home Realty Centre Inc. in Brighton currently is seeking first-time homebuyers to apply to be selected for “My First Place.” HGTV selects the buyers who appear on the show.

HGTV tapes selected buyers going through every step of their life-changing purchase and also tapes buyers’ activities, such as hobbies or sports, so that the audience can get to know the people selected for the show. They taped Stutz and Davenport playing volleyball days prior to the Dutch Hollow activity. The two women met while playing the sport.

HGTV stated that the ideal candidates would be enthusiastic buyers with a great story to tell and a desire to share their experiences, Gilleland said. Singles, couples and families all are invited to apply.

Candidates who complete taping will receive a surprise housewarming gift as part of the show and also a DVD copy of their episode to document their first home-buying experience. This season, the show again will focus on the trials and tribulations of looking for, bidding on and purchasing their first place.

Read more: http://www.thetelegraph.com/articles/stutz-43462-first-hollow.html#ixzz1rIOt4qQZ




Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa  is such a wonderful place to rest your body and soul and to forget the worries and care of the day. This is a full service medical spa which will leave vivid memories in your mind. At Dutch Hollow Medical Spa, “To be pampered” is only a statement…until you experience the warmth and hospitality extended to you by Mirka and her staff. At this spa you can be tightened, hairless, refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed and revived within an hour without the aid of a knife. Recently Dutch Hollow added a successful HCG weight loss program to their facility. This indicates that Mirka and Dr. Figueroa focus on healthy lifestyle. Therefore, each client not only looks good externally but feels good internally.  Thanks to Mirka and Dr. Samuel Figueroa for allowing clients to find the “Fountain of Youth” so they can look 10-15 years younger then their stated age. Mirka and Dr. Sam Figueroa possess a fountain of knowledge in skin care and are well respected among their peers…both in the community and elsewhere. They are instrumental in teaching their skills to doctors, nurses and medical estheticians some of which are sent from plastic surgeons and dermatology offices for training. Mirka has contributed much of her experience and knowledge to many medical spas not only in the nearby community but as far as South Carolina, New York and Florida. I personally had the opportunity in sending my nurse to be trained with Mirka 4 years ago. She returned to my facility well informed with an abundance of knowledge in the field of medical esthetics. Mirka shares her knowledge with everyone including doctors, nurses, estheticians and friends.

Keep up the good work!

Dr. Patricia Riddle








October 11, 2011 Alton Telegraph article by Vicki Bennington

“Dutch Hollow promotes good health; Spa’s variety of services has it covered from head to toe”

GODFREY – Mirka Figueroa, medical esthetician and CEO of Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa, works hard to bring her clients the best of the best, never one to rest on her laurels.

For the last 15 years, she rarely has taken a day off. Even when not at the spa, she and her husband, Dr. Sam Figueroa, often combine business with pleasure, visiting other medical spas, attending medical seminars and consulting with spa owners, doctors and developers of the latest and greatest products and procedures.

“I love what I do – and that’s helping people to be happier. That’s what I’m here for,” Mirka Figueroa said. “Everything we do requires research, but I love doing that, too. It’s stimulating, and even on vacation, I’m looking and learning. That’s just me.”

She and Dutch Hollow’s medical director, Dr. Sam, as he’s known to clients, have consulted with doctors in New York, California, Argentina, Europe, Canada, and she has worked with a number of celebrities in Los Angeles.

“We work with physicians and medical spa directors from all over the world,” Mirka Figueroa said. “We are constantly learning new things, and that’s make a big difference in what we can offer our clients.”

Dr. Sam also is an anesthesiologist at Saint Anthony’s Health Center, and Mirka also is trained as a physical therapist. Their medical backgrounds serve them well in the world of sorting through numerous aspects of new treatments, machines and products that appear on the market.

“I learn about everything from every aspect,” she said. “And I never offer anything to a client that I haven’t tried on myself.”

She spends days and days, along with evenings, studying new machines, devices and products. Because of her thorough knowledge and dedication to education, some of the providing companies have offered her full-time jobs.

“But my business and the people in this community are my top priority,” she said. “So, I’ve said no, but I’m always happy to help them out as a consultant.

“They value my opinion because I work with clients on a daily basis and see how everything works in practical application.”

One of the newer device additions is the Edge Systems Corp. HydraFacial machine, which basically has replaced the former microdermabrasion procedure. It contains an upgraded microderm diamond technology, in addition to the ability to infuse the skin with vitamin C, growth factors and moisture to plump up collagen. The HydraFacial removes dead skin cells and impurities while bathing the new skin with hydrating skin solutions. Treatments can be designed to be very individualized to treat acne and inflammation, or address anti-aging, dry skin, oily skin or hyper-pigmentation.

Figueroa said the top grade HydraFacial cannot be performed at a spa without a medical director such as Dr. Sam, who also performs many of the medical procedures, such as Botox and corrective fillers.

“If there isn’t a medical director, the process that some spas call HydraFacial is not the same grade,” Figueroa said.

Her entire concept for Dutch Hollow from the very beginning has been to help people live a healthier lifestyle, while offering events and the best available services to help them look and feel better.

She said living healthier not only lessens the chances of disease and other health problems, but also promotes a more attractive appearance and overall sense of well-being.

“Weight loss is such an important part of health and happiness. It makes you feel so much better,” she said.

The HCG Weight Management Program is a diet program that Figueroa said will work for almost everyone using Human Chorionic Ganadotropin, a hormone found in a woman’s body during pregnancy. But the diet can be used by men and women, and allows the metabolism to remain normal while on a reduced caloric intake rather than going into starvation mode.

Figueroa helps clients along the way who are using HCG with guidance and moral support. She helps people stay strong and stick to the program, even walking with one client who needed extra motivation to get through the rough spots.

Following up weight loss and exercise with spa services such as water therapies can help with joint problems and circulation, and wet room treatments such as the Body Polish and the Vichy shower exfoliate the skin and massage muscles, helping clients to relax and de-stress.

“We all have stress, and every person that walks through the door has their own story,” Figueroa said. “I listen to what they have to say. I learn from them and, hopefully, I can help them. It’s an exchange.

“I value every client. They make my day – every day,” she said.

Figueroa said she has found that spa treatments also are very beneficial for clients who are undergoing a variety of medical treatments.

“It helps them to feel better about themselves, and I can see a difference in their attitude,” she said.

And for clients who become ill or have a life-changing experience and cannot drive, Figueroa has been known to make a home visit to do a treatment that will comfort them or make them feel better.

Figueroa’s extensive penchant for research and education has led her to the formulation of her own product to decrease age- or sun-related pigmentation, and she currently is in the process of creating a cream to soften wrinkles.

“People want to look and feel good,” Figueroa said. “And that’s what I constantly work toward.”

Dutch Hollow also offers “in office” packages for manicures and pedicures, facials or massages.

“We will bring in music and aromatherapy if desired and make it a special event,” she said.

On Sundays and Mondays, Dutch Hollow can be reserved for private group spa events.

Dutch Hollow is at 3042 Godfrey Road. For more information, visit www.dutchhollowmedispa.com or call (618) 466-9496.